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7 Things to Do In Verona

Posted: 03 May 2017 13:13
by AosephDus
Whether you fancy yourself a Romeo or a Juliet, Verona is a beautiful city with plenty of historic spots to rejuvenate your romantic side. Shakespeare didn’t set three of his plays in this city for nothing. Tour of our list of the top attractions of Verona.
1.Piazza delle Erbe
Feast on vibrant fruits and vegetables, then stop to appreciate medieval architecture in Verona's ancient square, where the fountain of Madonna Verona has stood since 1386.
2.Basilica of San Zeno
The Basilica of San Zeno is not just for lovers, but it may inspire you to visit the crypt and behold the setting of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage with your own eyes.
3.Arena di Verona
The magic of the performing arts imbued in the bricks and red marble of the Verona Arena is apparent in every whisper from the stage, no matter which concentric tier you choose.
4.Castelvecchio Bridge
Also known as Ponte di Castel Vecchio or Scaliger Bridge, the Castelvecchio Bridge boasted the world’s largest span at the time of its construction in the 14th century.
5.Torre dei Lamberti
At 84 meters, the Torre dei Lamberti is the largest medieval tower in the city and it takes nearly 400 steps to get to the viewing platform. Luckily there is also an elevator!
6.Scaliger Tombs
Don't forget to tour the Scaliger tombs. Art historians will recognize the Gothic style of the architecture in both the tomb and the chapel of Santa Maria Antica.
Enjoy the medieval castle in its present restored state and take a stroll through the eponymous museum to get a closer look at a collection of Veronian artifacts.
Planning Your Verona Visit
Best time to visit
It's best to visit in the spring and early autumn, when the temperatures are mild and there are fewer tourists.

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